Welcome to Westlake Contemporary

This sleek property is tucked in the Westlake Hills neighborhood. It’s very large and open, which makes it a designer’s dream, but can be overwhelming for buyers if left empty. We worked our magic to bring this gorgeous property alive for the perfect buyer.

Unique Challenges:

To show buyers how amazing such a large and open space can be and overcome the cavernous impression buyers might have gotten from seeing the empty property.

Project Type:

Staging for Builder



Innovative Solution:

We layered light neutrals to create a backdrop for the stunning contemporary art and accessories that were specifically chosen to underline the sleek feeling of the home. Using such large-scale artwork and accents translated into a luxurious feel but, most importantly, it helped draw the buyer’s eye to create more visual context. We used ample large-scale seating, showing the home could comfortably host many guests or family members for special occasions.

End Result:

A staging design that demonstrated just how luxurious, warm, and comfortable this large property could be.

Love this look?

We look forward to learning more about your project and creating an innovative design solution that meets your needs.