Welcome to West Austin Luxe

This home sat on the market unstaged for a long period of time. When we were finally hired to stage it, we really needed to change the buyers perspective and bring in foot traffic and we successfully did so!

Unique Challenges:

The home had a slightly awkward layout and for most people they couldn’t invision the layout or furniture placement of how to make the home work. Once the furniture was installed it completely made sense to the buyers.

Project Type:

Staging for Builder


Organic Modern with touches of Contemporary

Innovative Solution:

By using plenty of natural textures and the color green, we were able to reference the outdoors without challenging the great view. The color scheme cohesively flowed from interior to exterior.

End Result:

This home is very modern- lots of wood work throughout and a matte black kitchen. We also went modern in our design approach, but we softened it with different fabric choices, colors, and layers. We wanted the home to feel inviting and not cold.

Love this look?

We look forward to learning more about your project and creating an innovative design solution that meets your needs.