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Located in the hip, downtown West 6th street district, this vacation rental at Seven is one of two projects we completed for Parallel Vacation rentals. With a small budget and limited furniture options we put together this unique design plan featuring emerald green accent walls, dramatic bedroom details and lots of texture.

Unique Challenges:

We were restricted to an extremely tight budget for this vacation rental property downtown. One of the biggest design challenges for this floor plan specifically was a structural column located on the bedroom wall where the bed was located.

Project Type:

Design Service for Vacation Rental


Modern design style with some bohemian touches.

Innovative Solution:

By incorporating wall decals and a painted accent wall we were able to make a great statement in the dining and living areas for a very minimal cost! The bedroom column was masked by unique floor to ceiling curtains to create a great custom look on a budget.

End Result:

Modern design style with some 
bohemian touches.

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