Welcome to Modern Treehouse

This fantastic guest house in the Holly neighborhood in East Austin, featured interior design by Dana Ambs of Making Modern Home. The main floor was quite cozy in size and needed to show multiple uses while remaining walkable. We focused on creating a “treehouse” vibe to highlight the fun and inventive atmosphere of the space. Following our staging service, this home sold for considerably more money than any comparable property.

Unique Challenges:

Creating a fully functional living space in the small main floor while ensuring the room was walkable and didn’t feel crowded.

Project Type:

Staging for Investor


Organic Modern

Innovative Solution:

In small spaces, it’s essential to create multiple distinct “rooms” within the same space to show multiple uses. We chose to create a dining area with a round table since it allows for people to easily walk around it in tight spaces. In the living room we used one accent chair instead of two to show seating beyond a sofa while also keeping the space visually open.

End Result:

A functional, inviting living space that sold for more money than any comparable property!

Love this look?

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