Welcome to Hill Country Contemporary

This Hill Country home was a complete luxury remodel and addition by LRC Design + Build in sought after Westlake Hills. The main floor had a long, corridor-like space lined with bookshelves. Though this was a noteworthy feature, it was too narrow of a walkway to be a full-living room but too large to leave empty. In addition, the main upstairs living room had a tight layout. We needed to stage these areas so buyers could see the full potential and usability of these spaces.

Unique Challenges:

Furnishing the property so buyers could fully appreciate the benefits of the long narrow space leading from the front door to the dining area and the petite main living area.

Project Type:

Staging for Builders and Developers


Hill Country Contemporary

Innovative Solution:

First, we decided to use lots of textures such as rustic woods, sleek leather, natural fiber rugs and textural pillows to make the space feel cozy. To complement the shelving, we created a private reading nook in the narrow walkway. This gave the space purpose while allowing ample walking room.

In the upstairs living room, scale was everything. We decided to use low- profile and sleek furnishings that would take up less visual weight while still showing seating room for 4 to 5 people.

Lastly, to draw the buyer’s eye to the stunning views, we placed tall leaves in long glass vases on the dining table.

End Result:

A warm, inviting property with cozy, private nooks and spaces.

Love this look?

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