Welcome to Eastside Farmhouse

This farmhouse is within walking distance to Manor Road restaurants, and less than ten minutes to the MLK train station, Downtown Austin & the University of Texas. It is a completely remodeled older home with great character, including barn doors on tracks, two living areas right next to each other, and an eat-in kitchen. Showing the imaginative space empty posed a big challenge for prospective buyers, so we focused on unifying the distinctive elements with a complimentary style.

Unique Challenges:

To create a staging design that would unify these unique elements: two living areas right next to each other, barn doors, eat-in kitchen, rustic wood, metals used throughout, and numerous industrial touches.

Project Type:

Staging for Investor


Eclectic & Modern Farmhouse

Innovative Solution:

When presented with more space, we don’t take it for granted! We made one living area the formal living space, using upscale furniture and no TV. In the second living area, we combined a TV room and a study and used casual and comfortable seating. To connect all of the unique elements of property, we mirrored some and contrasted others. For example, to mirror the metals and industrial elements we added a metal dining table, and to contrast these same elements, we used sleek side tables.

End Result:

We call it Modern Farmhouse: varying textures throughout, plenty of cozy touches, and a few mid-century pieces. It’s nostalgic, classic, and on trend.

Love this look?

We look forward to learning more about your project and creating an innovative design solution that meets your needs.