Welcome to Crestview Contemporary

This unique residence is located in the desirable Crestview neighborhood. When empty, buyers had trouble envisioning how they might arrange their furnishings in both the living and dining areas to maximize the use of space while still accessing the striking bookshelves that divided the rooms. To overcome these challenges, we staged the shelves and created an atmosphere in the living room and dining area that showcased the benefits of these spaces.

Unique Challenges:

To create a home staging design that would successfully incorporate the built-in bookshelves, in order to show buyers how functional the space really was.

Project Type:

Staging for Investor



Innovative Solution:

We decided to stage only 1/3 of the shelves in order to showcase this one-of-a- kind storage opportunity without over cluttering the space. In addition, we floated the sofa about a foot from the bookcase and installed a TV under the window, creating a distinctive atmosphere perfect for watching a movie or curling up on cozy evenings. Lastly, we chose a dining table set to match the built-in dining space and showed buyers that this nook was an asset, not a worry.

End Result:

Staging that showed the buyer exactly what a great home this unique interior offered.

Love this look?

We look forward to learning more about your project and creating an innovative design solution that meets your needs.